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We are your typical couple. We love each other and we love life. We had no idea that a marriage between Seema and I would go across our nation, let alone the entire world. We created this website to keep the love alive. Love exists in all shapes, sizes and colors. One thing I have learned is that you must always follow your heart, for that is where you passion lives.

We have received so many comments, emails, and Facebook friend requests that we knew there was something bigger than ourselves coming together, its as though our nations and humanity are coming together. It isn’t often that you are guided to do something…something that makes you feel good, something that makes you feel alive, something that makes you feel like you were chosen to share a message. When each of us get a calling for something bigger than ourselves we have to take a deep breath and find the courage to take the step forward. Fear itself can stop you from doing and finding everything that you love…..but courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway! I pray that no matter what religion  sex, heritage or culture you come from that you are inspired to live the life you were created for. If you live in passion and you always follow your heart, you CAN NOT  be wrong.

We would be honored to know about your life, your challenges and mostly about your courage. Please feel free to use this site as a place to find strength is this every changing world. This is a movement of love and love can conquer the world!

With Love, Peace & Passion

~Shannon & Seema


7 Responses to About Us

  1. Eri GoJo says:

    Thank you for sharing such an intimacy with the public. Two of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen. I feel honored in wishing you (along with countless others) the utmost loving, wonderful, fulfilling, lasting life together! Absolutely beautiful pictures of your special day~Congratulations!

  2. dharmesh Gajera says:

    Can I Join You On Social Sites

  3. Helen says:

    Never seen lovelier pictures of a wedding. Most beautiful, heartfelt smiles telling the story of love and joy. May happiness always be so with you two!

  4. Padmaja says:

    Never seen a more true or lovelier wedding. Seriously amazed at the support extended by Seema’s family kudos to all of you because being an Indian I know how conservative things are out here and this is a huge step that will make a humungous difference in the life of a lot of people. Really happy for you guys. Have a really happy married life.

  5. Shakti says:

    Hey…Lucky guys…true…love has no barrier..no gender…no religion..just love…Even I am like you… :-) …unfortunately the courage which i had my partner not having and our life path took different route…She is so fragile…I can’t hurt her…But i wish ..i wish we can be like you both…No words….Hugssssssss to you both….

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi there,
    I’m Sarah. I’m 28th years old and I’m from Malaysia. Here, lesbians, gays, bixesual and transgender, having a huge difficulty to live well. We were struggling even just to go out and holding hand. Depending to straight couple, if lesbians was caught kissing in public, we need to face jail sentence maybe for 3 to 5 years.

    For myself, parents can’t really understand how I felt towards another girl. And to be frank, it was extremely hard to find girls in here who really take a LOVE as a serious matter without judging on gender(maybe that’s why I still single till today.. haha..). But, I’m lucky my brother known me for who I’m.

    You guys had a wonderful families and friends. You had a great wedding. And I felt really inspired with you guys. You made me believe that true love EXIST!!

    I wish all the best for you, seema & shannon. Hope you guys will live happily ever after(even people keep saying ‘happily ever after’ only exist in fairy tales). I hope I could meet you guys ‘live’ when I migrate to California later on.

    Long live Seema & Shannon!

  7. Arati says:

    Hats off to both of you what you have done is really great it means true love doesn’t have exist place i appreciate what u both have done i always supports u.

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