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Wedding_LadooWe recently had our personal and private wedding pictures go viral, which was a shock all in it’s self! We have gone though every emotion imaginable, especially being a private couple. Since they have gone viral we have decided to embrace the fact that there is a higher power working on us and we are here to tell our story so that we can help others around the world find the strength to be who they are. We realize that we are very fortunate to be living in the United States and particularly California where it is legal for us to marry the person we love no mater the gender. Love happens to all of us and hopefully we have the courage and support to love back when we find it.

We have decided to tell our story to the world and the first to hear our side is BuzzFeed. Check out our article below:


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  1. Gretchen says:

    I just saw your story on Buzzfeed (via the Trevor Project on Facebook.) Absolutely beautiful. Your story got me all misty eyed. :) So special indeed. I am glad you decided to embrace this tidal wave of attention for if you hadn’t myself and lots of others wouldn’t have had the wonderful pleasure to see these gorgeous pictures. Best of luck to you both in the newest chapter of your life. :) Love always wins. :)

  2. Angel says:

    Dear Seema and Shannon,

    Congratulations! Love is an emotion way too deep for me, and I’d be honest, when I saw your pictures, I was trying to understand how all this works….I am single and neutral about the whole issue of being ‘straight or gay’ ….I like to think LOVE is all that matters and in whatever form one is comfortable being in. As happy and content you girls look together, I could not miss noticing how every person who attended your wedding looked equally happy and in love with your happiness. And that speaks volume! That’s an energy one doesn’t get to see often!

    So yes, your life together and this beautiful wedding may serve a higher purpose for many others to follow, irrespective of their beliefs. I wish you both all the love and light, may this beautiful emotion stay within you and radiate outwards to bless your lives together and all others who connect with you. God bless!

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